Project photo Sheremetyevo (Moscow)

Sheremetyevo (Moscow)

Gate Technologies Ltd. and SCAN MASTER Ltd. equipped new international terminals (C and E) of Sheremetyevo airport with state-of-the-art technological equipment including advanced multilevel Hold baggage screening systems, passengers and hand-luggage screening systems, special furniture.

Project photo Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg)

Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg)

The key purpose of Koltsovo airport is to expand beyond the frameworks of a standard regional airport with “point-to-point” route network and function as a hub with developed transfer and transit flights map.

Project photo Boryspil (Kiev, Ukraine)

Boryspil (Kiev, Ukraine)

Boryspil International airport is an established partner of Gate Technologies Ltd. Since 1993 we have been supplying baggage screening and handling equipment manufactured by the world’s leading companies. The technical staff of the airport underwent several training courses at the producing plants. The specialists have extensive experience and skills to operate the existing systems.

Project photo Vladivostok


In years 2004-2005 under the modernization of Vladivostok airport we installed Baggage handling system at Domestic Departures and Arrivals areas. The reconstruction project consisted of several stages. Disassembly of the old conveyors, installation and commissioning of the new system were performed without interference to ongoing airport operations. The system was designed and assembled within the shortest timescales.

Project photo Riga


Cooperation with Riga airport has long-term history since 1999.

Project photo Irkutsk


New Irkutsk air terminal was called “Crystal gate” by designers, the specialists from “Irkutskpromstroyproekt”. The design of the building is made in such a way that it looks like it is crystal because of the semitransparent mirror fašade and multiple glass crosswalls, panels and rails inside. The project authors were granted the Diploma for the first place in “Municipal engineering. Irkutsk 2000-2005” contest.

Project photo Khabarovsk


In March, 2005 Gate Technologies Ltd. and SCAN MASTER Ltd. supplied state-of-the-art technological equipment to Khabarovsk International airport. New check-in desks, conveyor lines and passengers seatings were installed.

Project photo Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


In 1997 Gate Technologies Ltd. and SCAN MASTER Ltd. supplied and installed Baggage handling system manufactured by Logan Teleflex (UK) Ltd. in Departures and Arrivals areas, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport.

Project photo Simferopol


In 2004 Gate Technologies Ltd. won the tender for supplying Hold baggage screening system to International terminal of Simferopol airport for the first stage of its reconstruction.

Project photo Khanty-Mansiysk


Project photo The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

In 2000 SCAN MASTER Ltd. supplied 4 units Linescan 222 to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for security provision. The second supply included one more unit Linescan 222.

Project photo World Trade Center (Moscow)

World Trade Center (Moscow)

Project photo Minsk-Arena (Minsk)

Minsk-Arena (Minsk)