Vertical sortation unit


The Model 595 Vertical Sortation Unit is effectively made up of two moving belt conveyors that can pitch up and down at high speed to enable splitting or combining of the flow of bags (or other items) between two different levels. Typical applications include:
  • The outsorting of individual bags.
  • Splitting flow from one line into two.
  • The merging of two conveyor lines into one.

Examples of typical uses include the outsorting of «suspect» bags within screening systems, outsorting of bags to make-up carousels

in departure/transfer sorting lines, re-routing of a stream of bags in a fall-back scenario etc.

The Model 595 Vertical Sortation Unit is designed to handle and sort a wide range of products with the minimum disruption to the flow and without damage to the product, as no external forces are applied to the bag during sorting. The unit is of a modular design allowing some flexibility in the infeed and outfeed heights. Two basic variants exist, the ‘long’ unit with shallow conveyor angles which allow bags to be tracked along both the upper and lower conveyor route. The ‘short’ unit with one shallow and one steep conveyor is normally used when it is necessary to only track bags through one of the conveyor routes.


  • Shaft Mounted Gear Box on Conveyor Drives
  • Inverter Controlled Switching Drive
  • High Sort Rate
  • Integral Jam Detection
  • Sorting Drive Lifting Crane (Large drives only)
  • Integral Maintenance Struts
  • Standard Conveyor Width
  • Two Pulley Configuration
  • Short Faced End Pulleys
  • Lagged Head Pulley
  • Crowned Tail Pulleys
  • External Bearings on Pulleys
  • High Bearing Life
  • Head and Tail Snubber Roller
  • Design Flexibility
  • Fire Retardent Belting to ISO 340
  • Quite Running During Operation
  • State of the Art PLC Controls

Application Benefits

  • Drive reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Gives smooth operation and longevity of mechanical components
  • Unit capable of singulating upto 2700 sorts per hour
  • Bag trip bars fitted to conveyors to prevent damage to bags during failure
  • Large unit drives supplied with crane to aid maintenance and drive removal
  • Allows conveyors to be securley supported during routine maintenance
  • Sortation Unit designed around 1000 mm wide belt, 1025 mm between sidewalls
  • Reduces conveyor inertia, Improves motor / gearbox life
  • Eliminates trap points
  • Minimises belt tensions
  • Assists with belt tracking
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Unit designed to 50,000 hour bearing life
  • Eliminates tracking problems with short conveyors
  • Accommodate variations such as sidewall height, bed width, drive components etc.
  • Reduces the spread of fire.
  • Noise level below 70 dBa
  • Use of standard PLC technology enables clients’ handling / screening schemes to be complemented

Unit Specifications

Design Options

Belt Speeds

Incline / Decline

Incline / Decline

Sidewall Height


Belt Joint

Material Finish

Standard Variations

0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 or 1.2 m/s

5° to 7° (Upper Conveyor Line)

7° to 20° (Lower Conveyor Line)

50 mm, 250 mm or 450 mm

Security fencing or local

Clipper type or vulcanised endless

Painted mild steel or galvanised steel

Additional Design Options

Alternative Geared Motor Manufacturer

Alternative Belt Manufacturer

Either Floor or Ceiling Mounted

Anti-Vibration Foot Mounts

Belt Movement Sensor

Debris Trays

General Description

Vertical Sortation Unit — Conveyor Bed Sections
The fabrication is press formed in 2.5 mm painted mild steel or galvanised and comprises a formed bed plate bolted between two flanged side frames. The bed plate is reinforced by stiffeners across the width of the conveyor. Both the head and tail pulleys are of a fully welded construction and are machine turned for concentricity. All pulleys are mounted between external bearings which can be suitably adjusted to align the pulley and provide easy access for routine maintenance. Snubber Rollers with less than 45° of belt wrap are fitted with internal «sealed for life» bearings. Typical pulley diameters are:

Head / Tail and Central Drive Pulley 100 mm  40 mm Bearing Dia
Snubber Roller 76 mm  30 mm Internal Bearing

Drive is imparted to the tail pulleys via shaft mounted helical geared motors and gearboxes. The motor gearboxes are supplied with separately and directly excited integral brakes for rapid stop/start functionality.

Vertical Sortation Unit — Main Drive
The pivot motion is imparted to the conveyors via a «push rod and rocker» system. The push rods are positioned close to vertical and are fixed to the bed sections and the rocker arms with «sealed for life» rose type bushes and bearings. The rocker arms are fitted with a shrink disc to each end of the main drive shaft supported between plumber block bearing housings and bearings. The drive shaft is driven by a helical geared motor and gearbox with final drive being imparted via a heavy duty timing belt.

Vertical sortation unit

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