Flip action pusher


Pushers are used throughout baggage handling, screening and sortation systems to sort individual baggage items from a conveyor line or carousel to adjacent conveyor line or sort chute.

The Model 569 Flip Action Pusher has been designed to provide a smooth and gentle transfer of varying baggage types. It has also been developed to minimise the impact to the bag by the use of a rotary motion, giving an optimised swept path giving progressive acceleration. The unit also has the flexibility of being able to transfer bags from different conveyor types at varying junction types.


  • Direct Mounted Gear Box 0.75 kw motor
  • Impact Resistance Rubber on Blade
  • Optimised Swept Path Blade Motion
  • Cycle time
  • High Sort Rate
  • Speed of sort conveyor
  • Bag placed in virtual windows max 2 m
  • End of stroke detected by cams
  • 360° Motor Rotation for One Complete Cycle
  • Sealed For Life Bearings
  • Design Flexibility
  • State of the Art PLC controls

Application Benefits

  • Drive reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Reduces shock impact to baggage and extends life of pusher.
  • Blade follows closely motion of bag for smooth sort action
  • 1 second
  • Up to 2,660 sorts per hour
  • 60 to 90 m/min
  • Ensures bags separated for sorting
  • Prevents pusher over-run in home position
  • Eliminates risk of pusher blade over-run
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Accommodates variations such as bed width, belt height, drive components etc
  • Use of standard PLC technology means that the pusher can be fully integrated into the baggage handling control system



Pusher arm




Steel construction mounted on screw adjustable feet

Length 1200 mm, height 260 mm. Steel construction with shock absorber facia.

Pusher arm connection with crank connecting rods mounted in bearings.

Mesh steel guarding all around chassis and linkage.

Painted mild steel using epoxy paint.

Flip action pusher

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