Gravity roller conveyor


Bed Section
The bed section comprises two press-formed «C» channel sections made from 2.5 mm pregalvanised mild steel sheet. As an Alternative this could be supplied in a painted mild steel finish, or a brushed stainless steel finish.
Depending upon application, the conveyor sidewall may be flush with the top of the rollers eg. in those instances when the conveyor is loaded or unloaded from the side. In other applications, the frame is extended to form a sidewall, normally 50 mm or 400 mm high to match the adjacent conveyors.
The two side frames are connected by cross members bolted to the inner vertical faces which are 1025 mm apart. Holes are punched in the side frames at 75 mm pitch to accommodate the rollersí axles.

The 50 mm diameter rollers are bright zinc plated and nominally 1000 mm long. The axle is made of bright mild steel and is spring loaded to enable the roller assembly to the easily removed. A built in system safety features include two pop out rollers that are located at the charge end of the unit to prevent any in-running nip point once butted up against an automated conveyor.

Adjustable floor supports are provided to suit different heights and angles dictated by the system design and bed interfaces.

Various accessories are available if required, including photo-cell mount brackets and end stops.

Gravity roller conveyor

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