Meet EU Standard 2 requirements with L-3's powerful, compact automated explosives detection system.

L-3's VIS hold-baggage inspection technology is one of the most widely accepted screening platforms of its kind. With advanced detection capability and high-resolution imaging, the best-in-class  VIS-HR is an exceptional choice for screening operations that require EU Standard 2 explosives detection performance in a space-saving footprint. The multilevel VIS-HR automatically alerts operators to the presence of explosives and provides image analysts with the

data they need to render Level 2 decisions while continuing to screen luggage without impeding baggage flow and sortation. Capable of processing up to 1,800 bags per hour, the fast, accurate and reliable VIS-HR meets the most demanding throughput and detection requirements. Customers can extend the life of their installed base, reduce capital investment and enhance their security by easily upgrading from the VIS-108 to the VIS-HR in the field.


  • Threat detection
  • Contraband detection
  • Regulatory compliance/inspection
  • Manifest and declaration verification


  • EU Standard 2 approved
  • ISO 9001–2000, CE, CSA, NRTL/C
  • Complies with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations
  • Film safety: Ten passes of ISO 1600/33DIN high-speed photographic film

The L-3 Advantage.

L-3's industry-leading VIS-HR high-speed automated multilevel hold-baggage screening solution offers superior detection and image processing in a small footprint.

Advanced Detection:

Proven Technology, Better Results

The EU Standard 2-compliant VIS-HR builds on industry-leading technology, delivering crisp, clear images, advanced detection capability and up to 1,800 bags per hour throughput. A best-in-class multilevel hold-baggage inspection solution, the light¨weight VIS-HR is the best value choice for space-conscious screening operations that need fast, powerful explosives detection that also maximizes existing equipment and networks.

Image Quality:

The Clear Decision

L-3's proprietary VIS-HR technology incorporates a dedicated X-ray imaging subsystem operating at higher currents and sample rates using a fine-pitch detector array to create clear high-resolution images. Our Transparent Color™ image processing technique generates crisp images without distortion. It allows inspectors to distinguish objects, even amid clutter and overlapping items. Whether zooming in for a closer look or highlighting areas of interest with color overlays, the system's user-friendly programmable image enhancement tools make it fast and easy to zero in on suspicious items.

Matrix Networking:

From the Company that Invented It

Pioneers in hold-baggage screening (HBS) matrix architecture, L-3 brings mixed matrix compatibility to the VIS-HR for easy integration with existing VIS and MVT-HR matrix networks. The multilevel VIS-HR inspects 100% of the bags and gives image analysts the information they need to make fast, accurate decisions regarding suspicious items while the majority of screened objects keep moving. The VIS-HR's large tunnel accepts out-of-gauge baggage and objects up to 250 cm (98.4") long, minimizing the need for manual inspection of oversized items. With its patented user-friendly operator interface and an array of image analysis tools, the VIS-HR is extraordinarily reliable and flexible.

Operational Flexibility:

Go Configure

Whether you need a multilevel in-line system capable of screening thousands of items each day, explosives screening outside of integrated baggage and parcel handling environments, or a combination of both freestanding and in-line equipment, L-3's automated explosives detection technology is available in the configuration best suited for your requirements.

Featuring a continuous heads-up display, VIS-HR gives image analysts the information they need to hold or clear suspicious items — while the rest of the screened objects move quickly through the sorting process

Operator Tools:

Reliability at Your Fingertips

The VIS-HR delivers an array of features that give operators the information they need to hold or clear suspicious items.

  • Proven image analysis tools allow operators to easily distinguish between organic and inorganic materials and objects having a similar appearance but different chemical composition.
  • User-friendly image enhancement tools, including continuously adjustable contrast, sharpening and color overlay, make it easy to optimize images for maximum detection capability.
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP) option inserts fictitious threat images at periodic intervals and tracks operator responses, motivating operators to stay alert and allowing supervisors to assess the effectiveness of screening operations.
  • Customizable, user-defined Image Archiving stores up to 100,000 images (typical).


Transparent Color™ for greater detail, even in cluttered images

TRI-MAT organic/inorganic stripping

Pseudo-color overlay

Continuously variable contrast adjustment

Edge enhancement

2X, 4X, 8X electronic zoom

Reverse video

Meets EU Standard 2

1,800 bag-per-hour throughput

0.525 m/sec belt speed

100 cm wide by 80 cm high (39.4" x 31.5") tunnel opening

Automatically adjusts to screen out-of-gauge items up to 250 cm (98.4") long

Compatible with existing VIS and MVT-HR matrix installations

Smallest footprint and lightest weight of any EU Standard 2-compliant system

Scatter Detection Enhancement (SDE) technology

12-bag memory per Level 2 workstation / 24-bag memory per Level 3 workstation

Programmable operator time-out

Threat Image Projection

Additional operator workstations

Seamless Image Archiving



Dimensions: 240 cm (94.5") L x 155.6 cm (61.3") W x 188.2 cm (74.1") H
Tunnel Opening: 100 cm (39.4") W x 80 cm (31.5") H
Weight Uncrated: 1,943 kg (4,284 Ib)
Weight Crated: 2,273 kg (5,000 Ib)
Power System: 240/230/220/120/110/100 VAC ±10%,
50/60 Hz ±1%
3.5 kVa max, dedicated 1Ø service
Power Conveyor: 230/400 VAC ±5%, 50 Hz ±1%, 3.7/2.1 Amps 3Ø, 1 hp motor
208/360 VAC ±5%, 60 Hz ±1%,4.1/2.4 Amps 3Ø, 1 hp motor
Conveyor Height: 83.5 cm (39.2") on base, 92.2 cm (36.3") on optional casters
Conveyor Speed: 0.525 m/sec (104 ft/min), single direction only
Maximum Distributed Conveyor Load: 181 kg (400 Ib)
Maximum Bag Size: 250 cm (98.4") L x 100 cm (39.4") W x 80 cm (31.5") H

X-ray Source

Voltage: 150 kV
Duty Cycle: 100%
Cooling: Circulating oil
Beam Orientation: One source projecting vertically upward

Radiation Safety

Complies with all applicable international radiation and health regulations. Radiation dose to the item under inspection is less than 0.5 mR (5 uSV) per inspection. Radiation leakage is less than 0.1 mR (1 uSV) per hour at cabinetry surfaces.

Operational Standards

Approved according to European Union Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1448/2006-Standard 2
Complies with the U.S.  Code of Federal Regulations:
FAA 14 CFR 108.17 Use of X-ray Systems
FAA 14 CFR 108.20 Use of Explosive Detection Systems
FAA 14 CFR 129.26 Use of X-ray Systems
CDRH 21 CFR 1020.40 Cabinet X-ray Systems.
Complies with CDRH (FDA) requirements, including all labelling requirements
Designed in compliance with: CE, CSA, NRTL/C


Storage: –18° to 49°C (0° to 120°F), relative humidity 8 to 80% non-condensing
Operating: 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F), relative humidity 8 to 80% non-condensing
Film Safety: Ten passes of ISO 1600/33DIN high-speed photographic film

Desktop Workstation

Dimensions (including optional table) Uncrated: 86.4 cm (34") L x 71.1 cm (28") W x 133.4 cm (52.5") H
Crated: 88.9 cm (35") L x 99.1 cm (39") W x 142.2 cm (56") H
Weight Uncrated: 98 kg (217 Ib)
Weight Crated: 113 kg (250 Ib)
Display Monitor: High-performance 24-bit video display processor, 17" high-resolution color video display monitor 1280 x 1024 resolution

Imaging Performance (typical)

Resolution: 38 AWG tinned copper wire
Penetration: 30 mm steel
Contrast sensitivity: 240 shades of grayscale
Imaging Modes: TRI-MAT; organic/inorganic stripping; pseudo-color; black and white with reverse video
Imaging Enhancements: Three-level contrast; edge enhancement; 2X,4X,  8X electronic zoom with continuous touch-panel positioning; continuously variable contrast adjustment
Image Analysis Modes: Threat Alert and Density Alert
Power (internal UPS included on both options): 1Ø, 100/120, 50/60 Hz ±1%, 1.5 amps full load
1Ø, 220/240, 50/60 Hz ±1%, 0.8 amps full load


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