Maximum coverage and image performance in a configurable, relocatable, high-energy platform

The most powerful cargo inspection system available, L-3s CX-Gantry sets a new performance standard. Combining full coverage and high penetration while maintaining high resolution for ultimate image quality, CX-Gantry enables maximum confidence in security and customs inspections of vehicles and cargo containers at borders, ports and high-threat facilities.

L-3s proven gantry design enables efficient inspection of large freight loads, from fully loaded 18-wheelers to ISO intermodal shipping containers and air cargo ULDs. Inspectors can scan up to 30 containers per hour with confidence. Because CX-Gantry passes X-ray sources over stationary unoccupied objects, it can scan the entire target while maintaining precise control over scanning speed. This complete coverage, along with high penetration, enables CX-Gantry to deliver the clearest images and most powerful detection available. Analysts can

identify threats, contraband or misrepresented goods in the cab, on the undercarriage or anywhere else in the vehicle or container.

Dual-energy material discrimination, a key element of L-3s ClearView™ imaging system, is optional on the CX-Gantry. This feature differentiates between organic and inorganic materials, helping analysts identify suspicious contents more quickly.

CX-Gantry systems are available in a range of different energy levels. Systems can be configured with a wide variety of optional features and custom enhancements, such as radiation detection, container and/or license plate reading, traffic management, threat image projection (TIP) and integrated manifest data.

L-3 Cargo Solutions

Recognizing diverse cargo inspection needs, L-3 offers cargo solutions that provide both configurable products and custom developed capabilities that address unique, cutting edge requirements. With L-3 Cargo Solutions, customers benefit from:

  • L-3 as a reliable partner providing total solutions with a significant global presence for support during and after deployment
  • Extendable software integrating X-ray images with other sensors and data to create a unified view
  • Optimal operational efficiency by incorporating L-3 image data and information into customer-specific workflows
  • A configurable family of platforms that serve the full range of cargo environments and applications

Specifications (typical)


Throughput: Up to 30 trucks (18 m or 59 ft in length) per hr
Penetration (steel): >360 mm (14 in)

Physical Specifications

Overall length: Varies with operational requirements
Overall width: 10.5 m (34.4 ft)
Overall height: 5.8 m (19.0 ft)

Tunnel Dimensions

Height: 5.0 m (16.5 ft)
Width: 7.4 m (24.3 ft)


Power supply: Line power or optional dedicated generator

Scan Control

Type: Electric
Speed: 0.13 m/sec (0.43 ft/sec), 0.2 m/sec (0.66 ft/sec), 0.4 m/sec (1.31 ft/sec)


Operating temperaturewith optional kit: –10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
Humidity: 95%, non-condensing (precipitation will not impact system operation)
Materials: Corrosion resistant


  • Meets applicable U.S. and European regulatory requirements for radiation safety
  • Unique collimation, shielding and filtration methods minimize the exclusion zone
  • Visual and audible warning systems when X-ray is in use
  • Designed for compliance with UL and CE requirements
  • Safety interlocks for scan speed, gantry position, emergency stops and optional IR fence and motion sensors
  • Automatic collision avoidance systems (option)

CLEARVIEW™ Imaging System


  • 6 MeV wide-angle interlaced linear accelerator with low-leakage head

Detector Array

  • Solid state detector elements with scintillating crystal and photodiodes with extremely low noise electronics designed for high signal-to-noise ratio

Image Analysis

  • DeepScan™ imaging algorithms
  • Pseudo-color, contrast, edge enhancement, gray-level mapping
  • Log and square root mapping
  • Variable zoom, fit to screen
  • Histogram equalization
  • Marking of suspicious areas, including voice annotation

Inspection Workstation

  • High-performance Intel® processors
  • Image analyst workstation with 24-inch LCD screen
  • 24-inch LCD manifest screen
  • Windows®-based analyst workstation software
  • Image and associated information archiving


  • Dual-energy material discrimination
  • Gamma and neutron radiation detection
  • Manifest data integration
  • Traffic management
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Container number reader
  • License plate reader
  • Undercarriage cameras
  • Supports networkable infrastructure for remote analyst and site-tosite capabilities
  • Cold or warm climate packages
  • Air-conditioned and self-contained ISO container outfitted with image analyst operator room
  • analyst operator room
  • Operator interface available in other languages
  • Additional image analysis workstations


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