Detect virtually any concealed threat effectively and safely with the ProVision Whole Body Imager

Metal. Ceramic. Plastic. Liquid. There's no limit to the substances that can pose or mask security risks. Now there's no limit to the threats you can see and eliminate, thanks to cutting-edge active millimeter-wave imaging technology from L-3.  More reliable and less intrusive than pat-down searches, faster than comparative body screening systems and safer to use than a cell phone, L-3's ProVision Whole Body Imager (WBI) is a bold step forward in threat detection.

Because ProVision allows operators to clearly view objects made of any material-including liquid, rubber, wire, plastic, ceramic and metal-weapons, contraband and other objects are quickly and easily located. The system utilizes harmless millimeter waves to generate a clear view in seconds, and is ideal for use anywhere checkpoint security is needed, such as airports, military bases and border crossings, court¨houses, embassies, prisons and other government buildings, commercial facilities and corporate offices.


  • Threat detection
  • Contraband detection
  • Asset Protection

The L-3 Advantage.

The introduction of the ProVision Whole Body Imager underscores L-3's commitment to improve threat detection through the advancement of innovative technologies for diverse, complex and demanding security applications.


Unparalleled Precision

Smugglers, terrorists and other criminals constantly search for clever ways to conceal threat substances and contraband. ProVision's unmatched detection technology eliminates the ambiguity of pat-down searches and provides a clear picture of what's hidden-and where.

ProVision penetrates clothing to reveal the position of concealed objects on the body. Operators can locate hidden threats such as ceramic weapons, plastic explosives, drugs, other contraband and even the slimmest objects-such as CDs, paper currency, and other razor-thin items. ProVision can also prevent the theft of confidential information, cash, valuables or intellectual property from secure locations.


Unsurpassed Throughput

When it comes to throughput, there's no match for the rugged, reliable ProVision. With a single scan, operators can complete a thorough body screening in approximately 10 seconds. With potential peak throughput levels of over 400 people an hour, ProVision far outpaces alternative screening methods.

ProVision eliminates the need for unnecessary and time-consuming physical searches that can limit throughput levels. In addition to being more invasive and stressful for the individuals being screened, these pat-down and strip searches place a high degree of physical stress on security personnel. With ProVision, there's no need for the repetitive bending and stretching required for physical inspections.


Multiple Levels of Protection

The system has been carefully designed to protect the privacy of people who step into the portal. Key operational procedures further ensure the highest level of privacy:

  • Silhouettes: Analyst simply see a 3-D black and white silhouette that makes it virtually impossible to identify anyone.
  • Blurring: The system provides options that allow blurring of faces and other areas of the body.
  • Remote Monitoring: The system enables analysts to be stationed in separate rooms, where they cannot see the individual being screened. These off-site analysts can then alert security personnel at the checkpoint of any suspicious objects so a directed search can be performed.
  • Temporary Images: Scanned images are not saved after security personnel review them.
  • Non-Invasive: Reduces the need for intrusive pat-down searches.
  • Networking: Provides an additional layer of privacy because the analyst does not know which scanner generated the image.


Non-Ionizing, Safe Active Millimeter Waves

ProVision's patented sensing mechanism uses millimeter-waves, common radio-frequency signals that reflect off objects at extremely low power levels. These signals pass through all types of clothing but do not penetrate the body. The reflected waves are captured by the system's sensors and sophisticated computer processing is used to create a series of images from multiple views, resulting in a 3-D silhouette of the subject, rather than a single, two-dimensional view. Unlike other technologies, ProVision does not use ionizing radiation and is 10,000 times less powerful than other commercial radio frequency devices.


Maximum Flexibility

ProVision accommodates the throughput needs of high-traffic, high-volume sites. The system can easily be configured to meet specific throughput and facility requirements, from single scanner and single computer combinations to dual workstations and network configurations. Depending on space requirements, operator controls can be set up remotely or directly adjacent to the portal. The ProVision analyst workstation provides screeners with a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use operating interface.

The operator initiates a scan with just a touch of the operator control panel. Images are only available to the remote analyst.

Analysts view scans on a standard PC, typically in a remote location.


Transparent walls

Rigid construction

Configurable operating modes

Touch screen operator control panel

Remote analyst workstation

Dual workstation and network configurations

3-D rotating silhouette of the scan

Adjustable play speed

Adjustable lightening, brightness, and contrast

Front and back scan displayed side by side


Physical Specifications

Inner walls: Clear Lexan 9600™ 3 mm
Outer walls: Clear Lexan 9600™ 3 mm
Height: 2.67 m (8' 9.1")
Width: 1.95 m (6' 4.8")
Depth: 2.65 m (8' 8.3")
Weight: 682 kg (1500 lbs)
Power: 100 VAC — 240 VAC / 1900 Watts Peak
50 hz — 60 hz
Temperature: 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Humidity: 5 — 95% non-condensing


  • Non-ionizing active millimeter waves
  • Interior lighting

Analyst Workstation

Standard Windows®-based PC


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